Saturday, July 15, 2006

Too much?? Never!

Can you stand it?? I mean LOOK at those things. Only an experienced and dedicated Jowl Enthusiast should even dare to approach such massive wrinkling, hanging folds. Beyond Low Hangers, these defy all logic.

WARNING to the Jowl Enthusiast risk taker: if you are about to shove your face into these bad boys, hold your breath, as the drool could cause a fatal drowning.

I bow down to the Neapolitan Mastiff, cleary the forever King of Jowls.


JC said...

In extreme examples such as this one, is the effect of the "sweet spot" nullified, perhaps due to sheer sensory overload?

JC said...

PS: I just discovered that I can click on his picture to be rewarded with a bigger version. In the bigger picture, his sad little eyes are even cuter.

Sheba said...

Very good question! I wouldn't go so far as to say nullified, but one would most certainly be overwhelmed initially upon approaching such vast quantities of squishy flesh. So many options! Where to begin?! Nevertheless, The Sweet Spot remains intact, if in a different form than one is accustomed to encountering. With this extreme example, adventure lays ahead. Foraging through uncharted jowls of extreme proportions. Enjoy, learn, grow, but proceed with caution!