Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Full Body Rolls

It is remarkable to witness an entire being that is composed of life's most precious material: the jowl. Such a being creates a state of inner tranquility that is rarely surpassed. Breath deeply, and imagine the possibilities.


Tambi said...

I didn't realize these animals were born that jowly. I assumed the jowls developed as they aged like rings on a tree. But, I guess it makes sense...i supposed the jowls don't increase, but merely deepen. I don't mind admitting that this pup is jowlicious!

JC said...

That's a dog you could dry off with.

Sheba said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!

Puppies that are going to develop major jowls usually have some promising indications in their youth, but the full jowls do take some time to rippen and mature. Nothing that magnificent happens overnight.

It's funny you should mention that J, cause as a child I dreamt of having Jowl Blankets, and yes, towels too, to wrap myself up in.