Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Definition of Jowl Education

I hate to peak so early on in the blogging game, but what could emphasize my point better than this decisive example of loose fabulous hanging skin? Striker, truely, has ULTIMATE JOWLS. I am proud to know him.

(These are the quintessencial LOW hangers.... just grab on and enjoy the ride!)


JC said...

That is quite a jowl. His face is mostly made of jowl. What is the evolutionary purpose of such profound jowls?

I am proud to be related to him.

Sheba said...

Jowls have served many purposes, such as:
a) in hounds jowls sweep the ground and pick up important scents for tracking, carrying them to the nose.
b) In guard and fighting dogs (ie Striker's breed) the loose skin around the head served as protection as the opponent would try to bite but instead of chomping into something vital all they got was a mouth full of jowl.
c) In the companion dogs of today - just to make life better for all who encounter them.

Striker is one big jowl and I love him for it. He will bring countless more to join our cause!

AFM said...

Typical evolved characteristics witnessed in wild species have evolved through natural selection, where survival and successful procreation are the prime evolutionary pressures. In the case of domesticated dog breeds, the selection is not natural, but based on breeders desires. However, survival can also play a role in selecting characteristics, in the cases where dogs that cannot perform their owner-determined purposes adequately may perish or be prevented from breeding by their owner.

In this case, the profound size of these jowels has has likely been promoted by the breeder for the pleasure it gives its owner when the owner inserts their face into said jowel.

JC said...

Excellent answers both. I feel more jowl-educated already!

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Ben Burbidge said...

Jowls are amazing and they have enriched my life. we talk about jowls every day and much of our comedy is jowl related. JRH (jowl related humour)is one of the most important things to me!

Your dog has Jowltastic jowls

Anonymous said...

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