Monday, May 07, 2007

The Full Body Experience

These wrinkles belong on this pedestal, this throne of jowldom. Highlighted by the warmth of the sun, their true depth is revealed. I kneel before them, in awe, in worship. I am the jowls humble servant.
**please note the tail wrinkles.

(original photo)


SharPeiSVP said...

i keep thinking that coat is an extremely snuggly sweater. I wish I had such a snuggly sweater, or such a snuggly pooch.

jt said...

I'd call him corduroy! For the folds, you see!

Sheba said...

oooooohhhhh I like that. Cords for short.

Hedley said...

The cascading folds send me into spasms of delight.I would love to dive into the depths of them!
As always,Hedley