Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aging Like a Fine Wine

Let's face it folks. Jowls only get better with time. I mean could these elegant specimens be any sweeter? So full, so voluptuous. The grey highlights only add to their charm. You can just tell that these jowls have been loved, nurtured, nuzzled, and generally worshiped for many quality years, and that these venerable plump folds of loose skin will be appreciated as they continue to mature, revealing to the lucky recipient more of their mysteries and wisdom.

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Hedley Lamarr said...

My mind is a raging torrent as I peruse this magnificient blog.My emotions are cascading int a river of pure delirium,as mu senses overtake my logic.Whoever created this volopuous blog must have had a wonderful mother!
Blazing yours,

JC said...

Grey jowls are among my favourites.

ancient wine drinker said...

I wish someone would love my aging jowls as much as these have obviously been loved.Here's to the adolation of the aged!So much to learn,so little time!
Your elder knows.

Anonymous said...

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