Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pets On The Couch

They have all learned to share the couch space. It benefits everybody. Now if only they would start cuddling!
I of course attempt to facilitate interspecies cuddling at any opportunity.


Gary's dad said...

One day they will cuddle. One day.

Even now I think Newman likes Gary more than he likes any human. But I guess he isn't too crazy about humans at all.

jt said...

G's body looks huge! And I could eat Mo on a cracker.

Joan Sinden said...

Cats! Oh my dog. Cats are just cheap dog toys that every once in a while become expensive dog toys! haha! Don't tell my cat Whisky I said that though! He might not agree with me - he likes to do that thing like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Sylvester is trying to get through the dog yard and Tweety makes a bang and all the dogs wake up - sometimes my kitchen is like that when he's walking through it - though he doesn't get clobbered when they all wake up - a couple of THEM may get their noses scratched! haha!


Jotroop Kaur said...

Is that some kind of heaven on a couch? *jealousy*

Anonymous said...

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