Monday, June 30, 2008

Canada Day Goes to the Dogs

Canada Day celebrations at the James camp. Total Canine Count was 10 this year, down from last year's 11.

Love that face. Krypto. We wanted to adopt him and rename him Dale. For obvious reasons. He is a little on the plump side. By that I mean he is obese.

Murphy is suspicious of everyone and everything [eyes flashing]. However, that is as far as it goes, as he is quite simple.

Gary and Jack, joined at the hip.

Little Buddy Harris. He make look harmless, but don't try to take his cookie.

Toby chills out.

Gary and his mommy.

The faces. G and Chief.

Dog races!

Howard displeased with life, and generally unamused, after his bath. He feels he should be able to roll in shit and continue on his day without any such interruption. The nerve of some people!

Gary hogging the turtle pool.

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