Monday, March 12, 2007

Jowl Appreciation: Examples to Live by

Cup them in the palm of your hand. Do this frequently.

Touch them with as much skin as possible. Use your face.

Always remember the sweet spot. That is where happiness lives.

Close up that proves above point:

Elegance. Beauty. Chic.

I hope you take the lessons (or reminders for some!) you have learned here today and immediately incorporate them into your own Jowl Appreciation adventures. Happy Jowl Loving!


jt said...

The baby girl; love her! She is an angel! Give her a squeeze for me.

Not Johnny Depp, I swear said...

Who is the hottie in the pics?? She is adorable. Love the lips in pic #3.

JC said...

Wonderful! It's good to see some step-by-step instructions for us jowl newbies.