Monday, November 27, 2006

The requests are pouring in!

What a find! Thanks go out to faithful reader and jowl connoisseur JT!

This is a great angle that emphasizes the goofy, playful side to your favourite set of jowls. Look what these things are capable of! Don't be afraid of trying new positions! Experiment! I guarantee tangible feelings of liberation and renewal!

(Original pic of Boxer found here.)


jt said...

I feel so special; thank you Sheba! I really needed the boost! Stinkerbelle and her black squishy lippies say hello.

JC said...

Check out the smunched-up forehead wrinkle on that guy!

PekeFreak said...

If you want some sweet forehead wrinkle action, then I suggest you check out some pekes. See these examples:

Example 1

Example 2 (seems to have exotropia)

For a more traditional face-jowlage pic with a peke connection, this one is funny:

Yakee Guardian