Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Expanding Jowl Horizons

Don't let the jowl enjoyment in your life be held back by restrictions to the muzzle. Although the snout region is always the highlight, on many loose-skinned canines, jowl appreciation is a full body experience. Take your time and cherish every inch. Remember, if it is furry and squishy, squeeze it!


- Grab the silky ear at the base and pull gently down towards the end, letting the smooth, suppleness slide through your hand.
- Run fingers along leg rolls.
- Swing the hanging belly fat back and forth and watch as it dangles and sways rythmically. A very relaxing hobby.
- Wrap your arms around the canine in a full hug and squeeze the neck rolls to your face. Breath deeply and savour the inner calm you are both experiencing.

(Original picture here. )


CreepyJowlFan said...

Is anyone else getting turned on by this?

jt said...

Remember the plan. One or both of us distracts his owner with our chests, then the boys grab the Basset and all the way to the Mazda and speed off into the sunset!

mc said...

Hey this is a great jowl themed post - it kind of reminded me of the time we kept driving by Kate's house with Hugh in the car. Do you remember that? He was really embarrassed - especially when we threatened to pull into her driveway.

Oh the good times!

JC said...

We should bring the Golf for the Basset heist. We can stash him in the hatch (i.e. the puppy compartment) so his owner can't see him as we take off.

Sheba said...

The hatch sounds like a good idea. Just throw him in there, ears flapping in the breeze, and we're off like a rocket. The basset guy and Mrs.Drool won't know what hit them.

JC said...

We should also start a dog park stalkers blog.

Sheba said...

We could take pictures on the sly and go in concealing a video camera. Picture the basset running in slow-mo.